Friday, May 05, 2006

When "no" just doesn't work

Visitor: "Thanks for letting me stay with you. I think I'm going to move up to Chicago soon. I love it here."

"Close" Friend: "No problem. It was cool seeing you."

Visitor: "Do you think you could hook me up with some job contacts when I get here? You seem to know a ton of people and I could totally use your help!"

"Close" Friend: "You barely talk to me for two years after grad school. You only IM or call me when you need something. My wife and I let you stay with us when you come to town. You mess up my house. Sleep til noon. Want to go out during rush hour. Want me to stay up til midnight when I have to work in the morning. Don't clean up after yourself and you're just generally miserable. Why the hell would I help you anymore than I have?"

Visitor: "It was just a question. Jesus."

- Midway Airport

-- Submitted by Nosey Smurf

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Rachel L. Searcy said...

that was the best one I've heard