Friday, May 19, 2006

Kojak wasn't hot

Girl: "I wish I could change my hair color every day. That would totally be awesome."

Friend: "That makes your hair fall out, doesn't it? You'd be bald."

Girl: "Yeah. But then I could paint my head in different colors. Bad ass."

Friend: "TOTALLY! You could even paint, like, designs and stuff on it. That would be super sweet."

Girl: "I would be hot."

Friend: "Totally hot."

- Red Line, Loyola Station

-- Submitted by The Rambler


Cedric said...

I have to visit this "Loyola"... sounds like there's a lot of dumb people there... um, I'm not dumb, but I'd die laughing... oh, the curiosity.

Bigtime gamer said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog sorry it tooke me so long to reply i havent been on blogger much in a while awesome site though!!!:)