Thursday, June 08, 2006

She just ran out of eggs

Teen Girl 1: "Dude..I feel bad for Bach's second wife. I mean his first wife had like 3 kids, but his second wife had like 20 kids...thats insane!

Girl 2: "Really?They must have been two busy people."

Girl 1: "Seriously. I could anyone stand being pregnant again and again?"

Girl 2: "Bach probably humped his second wife until she hit menopause."

Girl 1: "Yeah seriously, she must've like hit menopause..I mean she probably had so many kids that her body just stopped. That's like, crazy." (pause) So yeah, that's why I feel bad for his wife."

Girl 2: "Yeah. "

-Metra Stop in Elmwood Park

Submitted by David

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