Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nothing like wasting free education. And using guys.

College Girl #1: "You know how you let a guy buy you drinks all night?"

College Girl #2: "Uh huh."

College Girl #1: "...and he really buys you a crapload of drinks and you realize, just before the next round, how much you can't stand the guy?"

College Girl #2: "Yeah."

College Girl #1: "That's how I feel about UIC."

College Girl #2: "Oh yeah?"

College Girl #1: "It's been paying for me since I got here."

- State and Adams

-- Submitted by MoMo


Cedric said...

Your blog is insightful. It's the highlight of my mornings. Thanks for having the blog, Ziggy!

Anonymous said...

I still think it's a good analogy.