Friday, April 14, 2006

Yup. Definitely genius parent day.

(Mother bottle feeding her 5 year old son)

Friend: "Doesn't his school say anything about him still having a bottle?"

Mother: "They did. I fought them though. If my son wants to stay on the bottle until he's 15 then that's what will happen. No one is going to dictate to me how my son should eat!"

Friend: "Should he at least be trying sippy cups or something?"

Mother: "No. He's not comfortable with them. We tried it once and he didn't take, so we stopped. It's his right as a human to choose what he wants and I'm not going to force him to do anything."

Friend: "Homework is going to be a blast at your house."

- Metra Milwaukee District North Line

-- Submitted by Craig


Anonymous said...

oh man

A Woman From Illinois said...

Some people just don't have a clue in this life or the next. Thanks for the visit today and the comment.

Anonymous said...


Every time I thought of this I fell over laughing. And then the reality of it would hit me and I would feel sick.

Then I would sit up and the cycle would start again, for some minutes.

At least the kid is off the boob. We hope.

- barista

green eggs & ham said...

Another idiot! This kid's gonna need loads of therapy!