Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Must be the ADD. Or the fact that kids hate dentists.

Dental Assistant #1: "Your son's going to have to go to a specialist."

Parent: "Why?"

Dental Assistant #1: " I don't know, because he won't sit still. (pause) Uh. No, hang on a minute, let me find out."

Dental Assistant #2 (comes out): "No, no, your son needs a lot of work. This dentist specializes in working with young children."

Dental Assistant #1: "Yeah, so he won't be so traumatized."

- Dental office on the SW side

-- Submitted by Green Eggs and Ham

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Anonymous said...

Green Eggs & hame here, Ziggy changed the last line of the post. It should have read,

"Yeah, so he won't be so dramatized."