Friday, April 28, 2006

Have you seen the Guinness Book?

(Group smoking outside of a class building)

Smoking Dude: "Everyone keeps bitching about gas prices. Fck that. Tell them to stop raising cigarette prices."

Smoking Chick: "Seriously. They're killing my rights as a smoker. I mean, I'm a student. I can't keep paying those prices."

Smoking Fat Chick: "You're not kidding. I can't quit smoking. It helps me keep my weight down."

Smoking Dude: "You can get bigger? Sht, I'm gonna run to Congress NOW and tell them either they keep prices of cigarettes down or there's going to be a food shortage."

Smoking Fat Chick: "You may be the worst human being on the planet."

-Loyola Campus

-- Submitted by Stein

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