Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This could be my mother in law, except it would be much longer.

Woman: (on cell) "I can't talk very loud. Who is this? 630? What is that? Oh, Oak Park. I'm from Highland Park. I grew up with the rich kids, but I wasn't one of them. We were the Greek family. I'm on the subway. I'm going to meet my best friend. What are you going to do tonight? You have to work on a Saturday? What time do you work until? Oh, whenever you want. So do you want to meet up somewhere? Do you want to get a drink or coffee? I'm [name], what's your name? Ooh, that's an interesting name. Are you part Spanish or something? And how old are you? I'm an older woman. No, I'm very passive. About certain things. So how long have you been in the thing? It's been so interesting to learn about a subculture I never knew existed. Have you ever been to one of those places?"

- Purple Line

-- Submitted by Ivan

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