Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wasn't there another bench?

Guy #1: "Are you using this bench?"

Guy #2: "Yeah. I'm using this bench, that machine, and this seat. I'm having a full workout day."

Guy #1: "A full workout day? If they were giving awards for giving half-assed, half-movement workouts, you'd win."

Guy #2: "Excuse me?"

Guy #1: "You're like that fat guy who comes to the gym, does one rep of an easy weight, and then takes a 10 minute break to chat with some random dude while you sweat profusely and talk about how ripped you're getting. All the while, you're still a sweaty, smelly fat ass who's absorbing my oxygen. If you're going to use three pieces of equipment, at least friggin' do something."

- Lifetime Fitness, Schaumburg

-- Submitted by Musclehead

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