Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank you, hippies, for taking discipline away.

Teen #1: "...and they checked my MySpace page."

Teen #2: "That's bull. Parent's shouldn't be allowed to spy on you through your myspace page."

Teen #3: "Maybe you shouldn't set yourself up to get caught by putting stupid shit ON your myspace page? You think if you didn't have a name like 'Loves to Smoke' they'd give a damn? You're an idiot."

Teen #1: "Freedom of speech, man. I can say and do whatever I want. My parents shouldn't be allowed to control me."

Teen #2: "Yeah. He needs a place to express himself to his friends. MySpace is his outlet."

Teen #3: "Are you guys kidding me?! Your parents should have beaten the crap out of you. Ever hear of a phone? Or actually TALKING to people?"

- Northbrook Court

-- Submitted by Ryan

1 comment:

Pete said...

I think Teen #3 is a narc. No teenager is that sensible.