Friday, March 24, 2006

So you just want him to put on glasses and talk nerdy?

1st Guy: "I might go as Superman or someting like that."

2nd Guy: "I'm not sure. What about Steven Hawking?"

1st Guy: "What the fuck?! Are you fucking crazy!? "He's in a wheel chair you asshole!"

2nd Guy: "No, no. I'm going as Steven Hawking before he was a paraplegic. You know, when he could walk."

- on the bus

-- Submitted by CalCal


Anonymous said...

Steven Hawking was not always in a wheelchair. He could walk well into his twenties when they discovered he had a disease that destroyed his nerves, and so he gradually lost control of his muscles and now he is in the wheel chair.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're a friggin genius. Are you the guy at parties who stands alone because no one wants to talk to you? I'm guessing you are. Friggin moron.

Anonymous said...

#2 You're the life of the party that has to leave early or you'll be late for your job at the 7-11. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

The first comment was made by an asshole, i beleive that the point of the joke was exactly that asshole, you ruined that badboy for every one, well done for bringing more sadness into this world, a fairy committed suicide because of you .... asshole