Thursday, March 30, 2006

At least he's covering every color of the rainbow

(Wasted Haitian guy with a thick, French accent. 1:30 AM)

Haitian: "Look at me, in this sea of white motherfuckers!"

Group: "Uh, we have a black guy and an asian!"

Haitian: "Lemme ask a question. Who here loves a big dick?"

Group: "Ummmmmm..."

Haitian: "Ok, ok, ok, lemme ask another question. Who here loves a small dick?"

Group: (creeped out laugh)

Haitian: "Who is gay up in this motherfucker!?!"

Group: "Um, dude, um..."

Haitian: "You know what I hate about americans? (speech begins slurring) They are all so damn inngorant. Ingerant. Ignorant! Oops! Theres my train!"

- Red Line, Berwyn Stop

-- submitted by C.F.

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