Friday, June 29, 2007

It'd be the 20's. And he'd have to be a woman.

Bulls Fan #1: "Joakim Noah?! JOAKIM NOAH!? Of all the crappy..."

Bulls Fan #2: "It's not that bad. He's a proven winner. Two rings in college and the star of the team?"

Bulls Fan #1: "Look at what that douchebag is wearing. He's going to be one of two things in the NBA: A goofy doofus who can't score or one of those guys who flops around for loose balls and never gets any, but burns 5 or 6 timeouts a game just trying."

Bulls Fan #2: "I like his bowtie. The man's got style."

Bulls Fan #1: "For a 1950's flapper."

- Buffalo Wild Wings, Niles

-- Submitted by Yummy

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