Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's a slippery slope.

Mom: "You have to send her to the zoo."

Manager: "But the bus with the car seats broke down."

Mom: "No. You listen to me. This kid has been making animal noises for a week and almost pees her pants every time we mention it. If you don't send her to the zoo, it will crush her. It will cause a permanent scar to never leave her fragile young mind which will be left to fester in its pain and anguish. She will grow up a broken, miserable woman who will not know love. Is that what you want?"

Manager: "Uh. I think we'll send her."

- North Side Day Care

-- Submitted by Max


Anonymous said...

Not to be the Grammar Gestapo, but it should be "scar" and not "scare", right?

Ziggy said...