Monday, January 08, 2007

Nothing says calm like the Korean War, Black Panthers, Vietnam, and Hippies.

TV Watcher #1: "The Apprentice, this new Grease show, American Idol. It's all crap. There hasn't been a good, morally valuable show on TV in ages."

TV Watcher #2: "Maybe it's because people don't look to the television for their values anymore. I don't remember thinking, 'Man. If I were Theo, what would Heathcliff Huxtable be saying to me right now?' Being enthralled with their pathetic lives is not the same as holding them up as heroes. Even teen girls will realize Britney and Paris are worthless in a few years."

TV Watcher #1: "Horse crap. If they still had Leave It To Beaver, Happy Days, Father Knows Best, and all those other shows on, we'd still be in that kind of calm. THOSE were morale builders."

- Red Line

- Submitted by Wendy

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