Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I don't feel sorry for him either. GO BEARS!

Bears Fan #1: "I'm just saying, they better keep him as a coach and pay him."

Bears Fan #2: "He's the best thing we've had since Ditka. They'll keep him."

Bears Fan #1: "They better. He's the lowest paid coach in the league. I know he's not making a fuss and all, but that's not cool. We're the Bears."

Bears Fan #2: "A, THEY are the Bears. B, you aren't shit except a guy who sits in the stands three times a year and screams while getting drunk. C, I only WISH I was the lowest paid coach in the league. So fuck you."

- Outside Soldier Field

-- Submitted by NFC Champs (The entire Chicago Bears submitted that? Sweet.)

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