Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hooray for brains!

Girl #1: "Did you hear what Sarah Silverman said about her kids? How can you call them mistakes?"

Girl #2: "She wasn't calling the kids mistakes, idiot. She was saying Britney treats them like mistakes. Why can't you think instead of just taking for something at face value."

Girl #1: "I just don't think Britney should be made into example. I mean, she's under a lot of pressure."

Girl #2: "A lot of pressure? The only pressure that girl feels is the pressure her weight puts on her knees. She's a perfect example of the most fucked up, white-trash parent out there. Instead of going clubbing 5 days a week, maybe she should spend time with her kids. Sorry. Spend time with her kids and NOT using them as coasters and ashtrays."


-- Submitted by Michelle

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