Monday, November 17, 2008

Seriously. Our future.

Girl: "We want Terminator 2 Sarah Connor."

Librarian: "You mean the older movie with Schwarzenegger?"

Guy: "No, the one on TV."

Librarian: "The Sarah Connor Chronicles? The TV show?"

Guy: "Yeah, that one."

Librarian: "Ok, we don't have it, but I can order season 1 for you."

Girl: "No, we want season 2"

Librarian: "You mean the one that's on tv right now?"

Guy: "Yeah, that one."

Librarian: "It's on TV. It's not on DVD yet."

Guy and Girl: ...

Librarian: "They don't release the DVDs for a season until after the season is over."

Guy: "You mean you can't just get it for us? Like burn it onto a DVD for us?"

- Riverside Library

-- Submitted by Kimmi

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